Modern Enterprises’ Programme

a community for digital businesses!

"… everything had to start all over again, but I didn't mind the fatigue or the cost…"

A forerunner of artificial intelligence; resuming the creation of the “talking machine”.

Kempelen Farkas, engineer, inventor.

“Digitization is a matter of life”, “digitization is the key to our future” - we can hear it day after day, that’s what the news is about, we can read it on the Internet. We can see and feel it, we know about it, we use it every day, but do we also understand what it is about?

As a private individual, of course we are there in the social media, we read news, entertainment content, we shop online for our loved ones, we simplify our lives, we relax. While our private life is pervaded by the digital world, we are by no means taking advantage of opportunities as entrepreneurs. We leave behind our smart devices that have already proven themselves in our private life, our favorite applications that make our daily lives easier, our passion for modern technology and our expectations.

As an entrepreneur, how much easier it would be to support our work with some smart solutions, how good it would be if our customers could find us similarly. We are not really aware of the potential of digitization or we are just reluctant to use it. At the same time we can feel a lack of knowledge, a growing competitive disadvantage, and while our shoulders are overwhelmed by a series of new legislative obligations knocking on our doors, the question is stronger and stronger in our head: "how do we get started for change?"

It is only up to us to take advantage of digitalisation. The Modern Enterprises’ Program has been working to help businesses guide them on the path to digital transformation since 2016. The Program conducts surveys, proposes IT developments and solutions, makes discounts available, brings the world of informatics closer with events and self-developed awareness raising ICT content.

So our Program is aimed especially for you. For entrepreneurs, individuals who manage the businesses, decision-makers. Stay with us on this journey! Do it digitally!