A large proportion of Hungarian small and medium-sized enterprises are aware of the explosive infocommunication development that is taking place today. However, our own and external researches confirm that in many cases their developments are not driven by this goal or they ignore digitization. Thus, their lag behind their European competitors in the application of infocommunication tools and methods is growing, the impact of which can also be felt at the level of the national economy.

The Modern Enterprises’ Program seeks intervention points in the following areas and offers free assistance to all eligible applying businesses:

Personalized, free infocommunication consulting on site, at your business, in order to get your questions answered from the comfort of your own desk.

Qualified IT solutions, individual discounts, we help you make decisions, choose the right product and solution. The Program qualifies the products and suppliers it offers in advance, based on a complex, rigorous process.

Interesting, easy-to-consume awareness-raising content so that “domain,” “cloud,” or “SEO” is no longer a foreign concept, to get information about what CRM, ERP is, or what secure data storage means.

Information days, events, so that you can meet relevant IT solution providers live, get to know their services up close, try their products, listen to interesting, thematic lectures on the latest trends in IT, legal changes and obligations.

The Digitally Prepared Enterprise (DFV) and Advanced Digitally Prepared Enterprise (eDFV) certifications are only available in the Modern Enterprises’ Program.

If you are an enterpreneur searching for an IT solution, or a service provider company, contact our consultant, join our Program and get to know many other, unique services!

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